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Protect your products with anti-counterfeit additives

In an era where counterfeit measures are becoming increasingly sophisticated, maintaining the integrity of your branded products is more challenging than ever. An anti-counterfeit additive, used in the manufacture of plastic components, is a powerful tool in the fight against the piracy of consumer goods, from electronic devices to luxury items.

Broadway’s innovative anti-counterfeit additive offers a discreet yet effective way to safeguard your products. Our colourless additive can be easily incorporated into your existing plastic manufacturing process, without affecting the appearance or quality of the final product. This flexibility allows our anti-counterfeit additives to be included in various applications, ensuring that the protection is as broad as it is effective.

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How does Broadway’s anti-counterfeit additive work?

Our anti-counterfeit additive is detectable using specific tools like a laser pen or an acoustic detector. These devices are designed to identify the presence of our additive within the plastic, easily distinguishing authentic goods from counterfeit ones. For counterfeit items, the detectors quickly reveal the absence of the additive, providing a clear and immediate indication of a fake product.

This feature is particularly valuable for brands that utilise specific colour masterbatches, as it ensures that only genuine materials are used in production. By integrating this additive into your brand’s specified colours, you not only protect your product from counterfeiting but also obtain further assurance in maintaining the consistency and integrity of your brand’s visual identity.

Benefits of using Broadway’s anti-counterfeit additive

  • Enhanced Brand Protection: By making it easier to identify genuine products, our additive helps prevent the reputation damage that counterfeit goods can cause.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Unlike more expensive anti-counterfeiting technologies such as holograms or RFID tags, our anti-counterfeit additive provides a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require any changes to your current manufacturing process.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Safe for use in a wide range of applications, our anti-counterfeit additives comply with EU food contact and other regulatory standards, ensuring that your products meet all necessary safety criteria.
  • Practicality: Offers an easy solution to distinguish genuine products from fakes, helping avoid costly product recalls and damage to consumer perceptions.
  • Invisible Protection: An invisible anti-counterfeit measure is highly unlikely to be replicated, and it doesn’t affect the appearance of your products.
  • Ease of Detection: Use of an IR detector makes it easy to detect the additive within your products.
  • Manufacturing Integration: Can be supplied as a colourless additive to use alongside your existing colours, requiring no changes to the manufacturing process or existing colours.
  • Colour Assurance: Allows brands to ensure genuine, specified colours are used in their mouldings.
  • Versatility: Suitable for use in a wide range of polymers and can be supplied within masterbatches, compounds, or rotational moulding powders, offering flexibility depending on your manufacturing needs.
  • Customer Trust: By protecting against counterfeits, brands can bolster consumer confidence and loyalty, knowing that the products they purchase are authentic and secure.

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Supply options

We understand that each manufacturer’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer our anti-counterfeit additive in various forms. You can choose a stand-alone additive masterbatch, which can be used alongside your existing colour masterbatch stock, or opt for a combined masterbatch that includes both the additive and your custom colour. This integrated approach simplifies the production process by reducing the number of components that need to be dosed during manufacturing.

A partner in innovation

For over 25 years, Broadway has been at the forefront of supplying colourants and additives to the UK plastics industry. From our beginnings in the cosmetics and personal care sectors, we have grown to cater to a diverse array of industries, ensuring that our materials meet the highest standards. Our dedicated team at our modern Suffolk facility is committed to innovation and responsiveness, enabling us to tailor solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations, with fast turnarounds too.

Are you ready to secure your products against counterfeits?

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