If you experience inconsistencies when colouring with masterbatch then Broadway’s custom plastic compounds can offer you the solution. We’re able to run 100% PCR (recycled plastic) compounds to assist customers in meeting their sustainability goals. With a minimum order quantity of just 25kg, we cater for a variety of needs.

Plastic compound running through water bath

Compounding; the benefits

Where customers using masterbatch have to dose and distribute colour accurately throughout production, those using our compounded materials move ownership of this process to us. This is particularly beneficial for highly colour critical applications or where challenges in distributing colour with masterbatch are encountered during production. As plastic compounds contain the complete material required for moulding, they also provide a practical solution for moulders who are not blessed with state-of-the-art dosing equipment.

We’ve worked with a number of customers to deliver custom compounds in response to specific requirements. Our Special Project Team review any niche enquiries and work with our technicians to explore solutions. We continue to look into developing new additive compounds and masterbatches including blowing agents, desiccants and anti-blocks. Our brand new laboratory and expanded technical team have improved our R&D capacity – perfect for efficient development and testing of bespoke materials.

Our stocked masterbatch range offers 122 colours and the flexibility of a universal carrier system – if you need a compound quickly, we can compound any of these colours in practically any material you wish. Please call our friendly team for more information on compatibility and pricing. We can also provide a toll compounding service to process customer-supplied materials, as well as offering call-off and consignment services.

As with all our products, our compounds are manufactured under tight quality control measures. This guarantees homogeneously blended materials which our customers are benefitting from in increasing volumes.

Got a technical question? Then ask our technicians.

Green Masterbatch in petri Dish

Why use our compounds?

Easy to use – no need to dose and distribute colour
Additives and effects can be incorporated
Bespoke solutions for niche customer requirements
Fast turnarounds and competitive prices

Improves colour consistency, beneficial for:
– highly colour critical applications
– achieving certain special finishes such as pearls
– filled polymers where colour can be hard to disperse

Flexible solutions to meet a variety of needs;
– low minimum order quantity of just 25kg
– call off and consignment stock services
– toll compounding service available
– variety of polymer options, including 100% PCR

Pearl interference effect

Enquire today to learn how we can help your business.

Colour Masterbatch

Which polymers can Broadway compound?

Broadway can compound many different polymers; polyolefins, polyesters amorphous and styrene polymers. These include: SAN, PET, ABS, PP, HDPE, LDPE and GP. We can run compounds with virgin material or with high levels of PCR (recycled polymer). Broadway are able to source the required polymer, or compound with customer supplied materials.

What is the cost of Broadway’s colour matching service?

A colour match will usually be free, we’ll do the match and post sample plaques free of charge. On rare occasions where specialist constituents are needed to complete the match then Broadway will be in touch to discuss any associated costs before we start work.

Can I get a free sample?

In many cases, small samples can be obtained free of charge. Please call us to discuss your requirements. Postage costs for samples will be dependant on location.

How long will it take for me to get a sample?

A colour sample from our universal range can often be delivered on a next day service. If you request a sample for a custom colour match then this will typically be dispatched within 5-7 working days of receipt of that request, along with your sample plaques.

What are the minimum order quantities for Broadway’s materials?

Universal Masterbatch: 1kg Custom Masterbatch: 5kg Custom Compounds: 25kg Universal Roto powders: Small lots available in multiples of 20kg Custom Roto powders: 1,200kg

How long will it take for my order to be dispatched?

Universal Masterbatch: From one working day (dependent on current stock availability) Custom Masterbatch: From five working days (dependent on current production schedules) Custom Compounds: From five working days (dependent on current production schedules) Universal Roto powders: From one working day (dependent on current stock availability) Custom Roto powders: From three weeks (dependent on current production schedules) Please remember to allow time for delivery. Broadway deliveries are reliant on external courier services.

Can I combine stand-alone effects with my existing colours?

Stand-alone effects can be supplied and combined with your existing colours, but this might not achieve the optimum result. Not all colours and effects are compatible. If you advise our team of your requirements we can advise on a case-by-case basis. Often it’s best for us to formulate a colour and effect masterbatch for you, as opposed to you dosing effects into your existing masterbatches.
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