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If you’re seeking a trusted, reliable, plastic materials manufacturer, then you’re in the right place. Whether you need custom colours, special effects, functional additives, a niche compound or a speedy, off-the-shelf colouring solution, Broadway can help.

We’re proud to deliver high-quality masterbatches, compounds and rotational moulding powders with fast lead times and attentive service. We’re happy to support customers who have no experience of plastic manufacturing, as well as those who know exactly what they need. Whatever your requirement, our friendly team will offer the support you need.

Metallic Effect Colour Plaques
Pink masterbatch pellets being checked

Our products

We supply three main product types; masterbatch, compounds and rotational moulding powders. Custom colours can be matched within three to five working days and production orders can be dispatched within five working days of an approved match. Our colour and effect masterbatches are combinable with performance additives from our extensive selection. Need a colour quickly? We stock a universal masterbatch range of 122 colours and over 20 colours for rotational moulding powders. Stocked products are often available on next day deliveries, with minimum orders of just 1kg for masterbatch.

Checking a colour plaque against a Pantone book

FREE Colour Matching

Colour matching plastics is an art, and one which we’re pretty good at! If you require a custom colour then please take advantage of our FREE colour matching service. You have nothing to lose in allowing us the opportunity to provide you with a fast, accurate colour match, a competitive price and the promise of great service. Only experience can provide accurate, compatible and cost efficient matches. Once we’ve formulated your colour, we’ll post sample colour plaques to you for approval, free of charge. Alternatively, you’re welcome to join us on-site where you can approve matches as they’re developed in our handy colour suite.

Product boxes ready for dispatch

Broadway benefits

• Fast lead times – next day deliveries achievable
• Consistent products of premium-quality
• Competitive prices
FREE colour matching
• On-site colour matching service
• Samples and plaque chains available
• Customised solutions for specific requirements
• Special effects and performance additives
• Rigorous QC procedures
• Low minimum order quantities
• Call off and consignment stock services
• Experts in regulatory compliance
• Excellent customer service
• Established, international, family-run business
• ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited supplier

Broadway quality checks

Quality assured

Our custom colour masterbatches are polymer specific, this means they’re designed for optimum performance when dosed into our customers’ chosen material. Formulated for specific end applications, our colour and additive masterbatches are renowned for their accuracy and consistency throughout production. We ensure our custom formulations meet specific needs on heat stability and light fastness and comply with any necessary regulatory requirements. We work to a market-leading colour tolerance of just one Delta E. All our roto powders are ground to a standard 500 microns in order to suit a variety of applications including complex mouldings. We also offer various melt flow options.

We’ve developed NIR Detectable ‘Piano Black’ Masterbatches

Our in-house laboratory called upon its extensive experience in colour chemistry to develop high-quality, gloss ‘piano’ black masterbatches. They achieved this without using high levels of carbon black pigments which pose a barrier to standard infrared recycling facilities. The new product range has undergone extensive and successful in-house NIR spectroscopy based tests, returning a distinct and statistically significant spectroscopic signature.

Compatible with PET and PP, these masterbatches also meet standard EU food contact regulations. They redefine what we can achieve when it comes to maintaining a premium appearance, whilst safeguarding the ability to sort the component in standard recycling waste streams. Call our friendly team today to find out more.

Broadway's Piano Black masterbatch

Precision Pigment Placement

Our expert colourists have produced over 50,000 custom colour matches. Our team will take a number of important criteria into account when selecting pigments or dyestuffs for your formulation. These include heat stability, polymer compatibility, lightfastness, toxicity, metamerism, colour criticality and cost.

Our Colour Suite

Broadway’s colour suite allows moulders, designers and brand owners to join us on-site to approve their matches. With access to our friendly team and expert colourists, this process saves precious time and money on development as several colours can be developed, reviewed and approved in a single day. Recent upgrades offer you further insight into our process. A window to our brand new laboratory allows sight of our colourists at work, formulating your colours.

This facility provides the perfect solution in response to the ever increasing demand for colouring PCR (post-consumer recycled) material. Using sample material from your specific batch, our team can demonstrate how PCR content will impact the colour of the end component. Our impressive wall displays showcase a large variety of colours, special finishes and end products – providing extra inspiration should you need it. Our knowledgeable team will be on hand to offer support each step of the way. With free Wi-Fi available, your office is never too far away, but you’re welcome to just sit back and enjoy the coffee whilst we do all the hard work for you.

Branded product display in Broadway's colour suite

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul”

Wassily Kandinsky

“It was surprising to see how much PCR content affected the final colour. Working with Broadway was great, as not only were they able to explain in great detail how the colour can be affected, but they were also able to show us, first-hand, how it looked. By carrying out the colour matching at the Broadway site and being able to feedback on the same day, it saved us precious time on development.”
Lauriane B.
Product Development Manager @ The Body Shop
“Broadway have supported M&H for many years. They have a vast array of knowledge and work hard to support the requirements of their customers. They understand the need to respond quickly and efficiently with high quality products. I would not hesitate to recommend Broadway.”
Louise S.
Cluster Purchasing Manager @ Berry M&H Plastics
“Broadway supply a comprehensive range of colourants for the SHARPSGUARD® range of products. While the day-to-day supply of colourants happen seamlessly to meet the exacting needs of Daniels Healthcare, in the background we work closely together to develop a range of colourants and other additives to future proof the SHARPSGUARD® range of products responsibly and sustainably. Broadway’s technical expertise is second to none which provides the basis to enhance new projects efficiently and effectively.”
Marc W.
Product Development & Technical Support Manager @ Daniels Healthcare
“Broadway have been our provider for some years now in all our technical material needs – offering expert technical knowledge and advice and providing bespoke solutions. Broadway have taken the stress out of trying to keep up to date with all our technical needs and provide us with a common sense approach to incorporating new materials and additives and adapting the materials to suit. They offer an up-to-date colour match service from a very experienced team and first-class technical approach, offering fast lead times. Broadway are a very competent team. They’re always on hand when we need them to react to our needs and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, consistent and quality focused material supplier.”
Shaun M.
Director @ Rototek
“Broadway’s ability to offer small lot size shipments, not only gives us flexibility in production, but makes us nimble and efficient when it comes to our own clients’ needs. Concentrating on relationship building and understanding our own requirements fundamentally makes Broadway stand out from the crowd.”
Ben M.
Head of Sales & Marketing @ ACME Whistles
“Broadway worked with us for several months to achieve the optimal results that our customer was looking for. This project was an absolute success for our business. Our experience with Broadway has always been positive, their biggest advantage is their great customer service and response time, this combined with a very good lead time for non standard colours makes Broadway one of the best masterbatch and compound suppliers that we have worked with.”
Vasco M.
Operations Manager @ SI Protech
“Broadway have been a consistent factor in supplying us with hundreds of colours for almost 15 years, an efficient and customer service driven supplier who delivers on time every time. From supplying a colour plaque to delivering large lots of masterbatch on extremely short lead times, Broadway have never let us down!”
Mark B.
Operations Manager @ Synergy Plastics
Colour powder background

Reasons to use Broadway

  • Fast lead times – next day deliveries achievable
  • Consistent products of premium-quality
  • Cost-efficient formulations, providing competitive prices
  • Experts in colour matching and customised solutions
  • On site colour matching service – great for colouring PCR
  • Impressive special effects portfolio
  • Comprehensive range of performance additives
  • Extensive testing facilities and rigorous QC procedures
  • Low minimum order quantities
  • Call-off and consignment stock services
  • Current European food, toy, medical and REACH compliance
  • Excellent customer service from knowledgeable, friendly staff
  • Established, family-owned business, trading internationally
  • ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited supplier
Wrapped, palletised product going onto lorry

What is masterbatch?

Masterbatch is used to add colour or enhanced properties to plastic components. It’s a concentrated formula of colourants and/or effects and/or additives, combined with fillers, encapsulated within a carrier plastic resin. Masterbatch is supplied in pellet form to be dosed into raw polymer for use in plastic manufacturing. Masterbatch can be used with virgin polymer or used with recycled plastic. We encourage customers to consider using PCR (post-consumer recycled) resins wherever possible.  

Why do I need masterbatch?

Anyone creating a coloured plastic item will tend to require a coloured masterbatch. Broadway can develop and supply plastic colourants in the form of masterbatches, for plastic moulders to use in production. Masterbatch is almost always the preferred choice for colouring plastics. Most coloured plastic components we encounter in our daily lives will be coloured with masterbatch. As the pigments or dyes are encapsulated within a pellet, masterbatch ensures a much cleaner process than would otherwise be experienced by using liquid colours in plastic manufacturing. This can minimise waste and significantly reduce downtime in production. It also allows very accurate control of colour dosing and distribution. It’s not just about colour though, masterbatches can also be used to achieve a number of special finishes within plastics. Additive masterbatches can improve processing and enhance the properties of end components.

What is the cost of Broadway’s colour matching service?

A colour match will usually be free, we’ll do the match and post sample plaques free of charge. On rare occasions where specialist constituents are needed to complete the match then Broadway will be in touch to discuss any associated costs before we start work.

Can I get a free sample?

In many cases, small samples can be obtained free of charge. Please call us to discuss your requirements. Postage costs for samples will be dependant on location.

How long will it take for my order to be dispatched?

Universal Masterbatch: From one working day (dependent on current stock availability) Custom Masterbatch: From five working days (dependent on current production schedules) Custom Compounds: From five working days (dependent on current production schedules) Universal Roto powders: From one working day (dependent on current stock availability) Custom Roto powders: From three weeks (dependent on current production schedules) Please remember to allow time for delivery. Broadway deliveries are reliant on external courier services.

What are the minimum order quantities for Broadway’s materials?

Universal Masterbatch: 1kg Custom Masterbatch: 5kg Custom Compounds: 25kg Universal Roto powders: Small lots available in multiples of 20kg Custom Roto powders: 1,200kg

Which polymers do Broadway manufacture masterbatches for?

Broadway provide polymer specific masterbatches for use in HDPE, LDPE, PPCO, PPHO, PET, PBT, GPPS, HIPS, ABS, PA66/PA6, SAN, PETG and TPE/TPU. Our Universal Colour Range is designed for use in a variety of polymers.

Which polymers are Broadway’s Universal Colour Range compatible with?

Broadway’s range of 122 universal coloured masterbatches are suitable for use in PPCO, PPHO, HDPE, LDPE, GPPS, HIPS, SAN, ABS, EVA, POM, PVC, PA and PC. Shades and suitability may vary dependent on material grades and customers are advised to trial all colours before starting production.

Which polymers can Broadway compound?

Broadway can compound many different polymers; polyolefins, polyesters amorphous and styrene polymers. These include: SAN, PET, ABS, PP, HDPE, LDPE and GP. We can run compounds with virgin material or with high levels of PCR (recycled polymer). Broadway are able to source the required polymer, or compound with customer supplied materials.
Colour powder background

Enquire today to learn how we can help your business.

Colour Masterbatch


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