Rotational Moulding Powders

We’ve manufactured rotational moulding powders for over a decade. Our expertise in colouring plastics allows us to offer the highest accuracy and consistency with custom colours for rotational moulding. Our products have been said to surpass anything else on the market.

Rotationally Moulded Kayak

Our high-quality roto powders offer accurate custom colours with competitive prices and fast lead times. We’re proud of our industry-leading colour control measures. Our entire process is managed in-house, so we have complete colour control over all materials we manufacture. Our colourists have successfully developed over 1,000 custom colours for our rotational moulding customers. As well as creating custom colours, we also have a standard range of over 20 rotational moulding powders including mottle effects for millstone, sandstone, white marble, and green marble.

Free samples of our powders are available on request. We can also supply moulded samples of our roto colours as a plaque chain, hex bin or rotationally moulded cube. Our rotationally moulded 3D sample cube is unique in the market.

Roto moulded Boats


We manufacture materials for a range of specialities including:
– Supra Linear – for kayaks, dinghies and canoes
– Tank grades
– Flame retardants
– Foams
– Anti Microbials

All our powders are ground to 500 microns so they’re suitable for many different applications including complex mouldings. We supply a variety of melt flows and density specifications to meet a range of specific requirements.

Testing Equipment


We have extensive in-house testing facilities to help ensure your products meet the needs of their end applications. These include a Xenon ARC UV tester, an accelerated weather testing station and an impact tester, built to ARM standards. In addition, we can offer an FTIR test – this allows us to test supplied components to ensure your previous materials are on spec. Unlike some of our competitors, we also have a rotational moulding machine. This allows us to test the moulding performance of materials in-house, under the correct production conditions.

Roto powder sample cube

Quantities & Lead Times

We have a minimum order quantity of 1200kg on custom powders. Smaller lots (in multiples of 20kg) are available in our standard colour range. Free samples are available for line trials on request. Typically, our minimum lead time for custom powders will be three weeks. Powders from our universal roto range may be available within 1-2 working days, depending on stock availability at the time. Please call or email us for current information on product availability and lead times.

We can colour a range of natural grades to cover different applications. General purpose grades offer a balance of stiffness and toughness – properties which make them well-suited to the manufacture of small to medium parts. Larger mouldings will benefit from stiffer materials, which allows some reduction in shot weight. Copolymer type makes little difference to intrinsic values such as tensile yield stress, flexural modulus and impact strength. Applications where the material may be susceptible to stress-cracking will benefit from the enhanced ESCR properties of lower MFI hexene-1 copolymers. All grades are UV-stabilised and are suitable for outdoor applications. Our testing apparatus allows us to provide further detail on UV resistance and weatherability upon request.

We monitor polymer prices regularly and have established relationships with multiple suppliers. This helps ensure our pricing is competitive, whilst also offering a flexible supply chain solution in the event of shortages. Turnaround times can vary depending on our production schedule. Please call or email us for the latest details on current lead times, our team will always be happy to provide a reliable and honest update.


Grinding Silos

Our Universal Roto Powder Range

Explore our universal roto powder range to see if we have an off the shelf solution which meets your needs.

Lime Green – BGS 059

Grade: Natural
MFI: 5.0 g/10min
Density: 0.935 g/cm3
UV Level: UV8
Co-Polymer Type: Butene-1
Properties: Medium stiffness and good flowability
Typical applications: General purpose – small to medium parts

Ready to order or need more help?

What is the melt flow and density of Broadway’s standard roto powders?

All our standard LLDPE powders have a melt flow of 5.0 (g/10min) and a density of 0.935 (g/cm3).

What is the cost of Broadway’s colour matching service?

A colour match will usually be free, we’ll do the match and post sample plaques free of charge. On rare occasions where specialist constituents are needed to complete the match then Broadway will be in touch to discuss any associated costs before we start work.

Can I get a free sample?

In many cases, small samples can be obtained free of charge. Please call us to discuss your requirements. Postage costs for samples will be dependant on location.

How long will it take for me to get a sample?

A colour sample from our universal range can often be delivered on a next day service. If you request a sample for a custom colour match then this will typically be dispatched within 5-7 working days of receipt of that request, along with your sample plaques.

What are the minimum order quantities for Broadway’s materials?

Universal Masterbatch: 1kg Custom Masterbatch: 5kg Custom Compounds: 25kg Universal Roto powders: Small lots available in multiples of 20kg Custom Roto powders: 1,200kg

How long will it take for my order to be dispatched?

Universal Masterbatch: From one working day (dependent on current stock availability) Custom Masterbatch: From five working days (dependent on current production schedules) Custom Compounds: From five working days (dependent on current production schedules) Universal Roto powders: From one working day (dependent on current stock availability) Custom Roto powders: From three weeks (dependent on current production schedules) Please remember to allow time for delivery. Broadway deliveries are reliant on external courier services.
Colour powder background


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