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Ocean Swell

Ocean Swell – effect of the month for July.

This effect combines a palette of blues with white, creating swirls that evoke a sense of fluidity – reminiscent of breaking waves. Our marble effects provide one-of-a-kind mouldings. Random, marble-like patterns are achieved by blending a selected masterbatch mix under precise processing conditions.

Ocean Swell sample plaque
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One additive with many benefits!

If you’d like to reduce your costs, use less material, improve cycle times, lightweight your components and improve their carbon footprint then this additive masterbatch is for you.

Developed by our in-house technical team, the material allows moulders and brand owners to achieve a number of important benefits in the manufacture of their plastic components.

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Taking a sustainable approach

We were delighted to be awarded an EcoVadis Gold Sustainability Rating in 2024, following Silver ratings in 2022 and 2023. This is testament to our responsible working practices and our desire for continual improvement. We’re helping customers work towards their own sustainability goals with our developing portfolio of ‘Greener Solutions‘. Check out our Sustainability & Innovation page to learn more.

EcoVadis Gold Medal
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Working with brands

Broadway’s materials are specified by leading consumer goods companies such as Unilever, Reckitt, Boots and SC Johnson. Renowned for accuracy and consistency, our masterbatches are used in the packaging of branded household products across several sectors including food and drink, cosmetics and personal care.

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Quick fix facials bottles


We cater for compound requirements big or small. With a minimum order quantity of just 25kg, we’ll take on the jobs which large compounders are not interested in. Our compounds are great for highly colour critical applications and we offer complete colour control by managing the entire process in house. We can also incorporate additives and special effects, compounding a variety of polymers in virgin or PCR material.

Wrapped, palletised product going onto lorry
Compound strands

We develop high-quality masterbatches, compounds and roto powders to improve the appearance, performance, value and sustainability of plastic mouldings.


Broadway colour suite

About us

Broadway is a trusted manufacturer of colour and effect masterbatch, additive masterbatch, compounds and rotational moulding powders. We’ve been in operation since 1997, supplying plastic moulders across the UK, Europe and beyond. Our materials are renowned for their accuracy and consistency and are used across several market sectors. Many household brands have chosen to specify our custom masterbatches for use in the manufacture of their packaging.

Broadway quality checks

Quality assured

Our custom colour masterbatches are polymer specific, this means they’re designed for optimum performance when dosed into our customers’ chosen material. Formulated for specific end use requirements, our colour and additive masterbatches are renowned for their accuracy and consistency in production. We ensure our custom formulations meet specific needs on heat stability and light fastness and comply with customer-specified regulatory standards. We work to a market-leading colour tolerance of just one Delta E. All our roto powders are ground to 500 microns in order to suit a variety of applications including complex mouldings. Various melt flow and density options are available.

Pink masterbatch pellets

Our products

We supply three main product types; masterbatch, compounds and rotational moulding powders. Custom colours can be matched within three to five working days and production orders can be dispatched within five working days of an approved match. Our colour and effect masterbatches are combinable with performance additives from our extensive selection. Need a colour quickly? We stock a universal masterbatch range of 122 colours and over 20 colours for rotational moulding powders. Stocked products are often available on next day deliveries, with minimum orders of just 1kg for masterbatch.

Contact our expert team today to discuss your requirements.

Blue Masterbatch in petri dish


Our materials are specified for use in the packaging of many branded products. Maintaining a positive brand image not only relies on ensuring your brand colours are accurately formulated, but also in ensuring your colourants process correctly, every time. We work to an industry-leading colour tolerance and adhere to a rigorous QC process to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Our innovative special effects portfolio proves popular with brand owners and our on-site colour matching suite allows a range of new colours to be developed in a single day. The Body Shop successfully utilised this facility when formulating colours for bottles with high levels of recycled plastic.

The Body Shop Shampoo Bottles


Broadway has been trading with leading injection moulders in the UK for over 25 years. Rotational moulders have benefitted from our high-quality powders for over a decade. We take time to understand your processes, challenges and needs in order to deliver the right solutions.

We recognise that a masterbatch manufacturer must be a valued partner to plastic moulders. Broadway is relied upon – not only for accurate, consistent products but for accurate information and expert advice. Our problem-solving mentality allows us to make a positive contribution to improving the quality, consistency, processability and raw material cost of your plastic components.

bottles on production line

Our Colour Suite

Broadway’s colour suite allows moulders, designers and brand owners to join us on-site to approve their matches. With access to our friendly team and expert colourists, this process saves precious time on product development as several colours can be approved in a single day. Recent upgrades offer you further insight into our process. A window to our brand new laboratory allows sight of our colourists at work, formulating your colours.

This facility provides the perfect solution in response to the ever increasing demand for colouring PCR (post-consumer recycled) material. Using sample material from your specific batch, our team can demonstrate how PCR content will impact the colour of the end component. Our impressive wall displays showcase a large variety of colours, special finishes and end products – providing extra inspiration should you need it. Our knowledgeable team will be on hand to offer support each step of the way. With free Wi-Fi available, your office is never too far away, but you’re welcome to just sit back and enjoy the coffee whilst we do all the hard work for you.

Broadway's colour suite with window through to R&D Lab

Compatibility with your polymer of choice

Our custom masterbatches are polymer specific. This means they’re formulated for high performance when dosed into your chosen material. We can manufacture masterbatches for use with all the polymers outlined below, amongst others. If you’re running a material not listed here, please do get in contact with our expert technical team to see if we can meet your requirements.


LDPE - Carrier Bags

Low Density Polyethylene – Slightly clearer than HDPE and far more flexible, mostly used for flexible packaging, carrier bags, flexible tubes, film applications etc. Like HDPE it has restricted transparent properties. It possess excellent chemical resistance to alcohols, acids and alkalis. Limited resistance to hydrocarbon solvents and mineral oils. It will start to degrade when exposed to UV radiation for extended periods.


HDPE – Milk Bottles

High Density Polyethylene – Slightly opaque white appearance used extensively in rigid bottle packaging, injection moulded caps and closures, crates etc. Its inherent whiteness can restrict the level of transparency achievable. HDPE possess better chemical and solvent resistance than LDPE.


Bottle Caps

Polypropylene (Homopolymer, Block Copolymer, Random Copolymer)
PPCO Random & PPHO – Fairly clear polymer used in caps and closures. Also used to manufacture houseware products, buckets toys and storage boxes. Polypropylene is flexible with no real restrictions to colour or effects. Random copolymer is clearer than homopolymer and more suitable for translucent colours.
PPCO Block – PPCO but modified for greater impact strength. The additive turns the polymer white giving it a high level of opacity. This can restrict the transparency achievable.


PET Bottles

Polyethylene-terephthalate – Polyesters are mechanically very strong and have good chemical resistance and barrier properties. PET is commonly used for making carbonated drinks bottles. In addition polyester can be spun and used to make textiles for clothes. PET is very clear which makes it good for translucent packaging, although a slight ‘yellowness’ can affect very light tints.


Electrical Insulation

Polybutylene terephthalate – a thermoplastic crystalline engineering polymer that is often used as an insulator in electronics industries. It is a type of polyester with an excellent balance of properties and processing characteristics.


Coloured CD cases

General Purpose Polystyrene – Glass clear but with very little impact strength it is most commonly used in CD cases. Its high level of clarity makes it good for translucent colours although an occasional violet tint can be visible.


Coloured Toy Bricks – Anti Microbial

High Impact Polystyrene – GPPS with the addition of an impact modifier to give greater impact strength. This additive turns the polymer white, various grades give different levels of opacity. Generally used for games pieces, toys etc. Its high level of whiteness makes translucent colours difficult to achieve. Specialist versions such as K-Resin and Styrolux are available on the market to give the same translucency as GPPS.


Drill Housing made from ABS

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene – A tougher version of HIPS used in components with a higher added value. ABS is more durable than components manufactured in HIPS although it shares its difficulties in matching translucent colours. Like HIPS specialist translucent grades are available. Due to its durability, ABS is utilised in the manufacture of casings for power tools.

PA66 / PA6

Electrical Connectors made from PA6 / PA66

Polyamide (6, 66) – Nylon is a general purpose grade which is widely used for mechanical construction and maintenance. This is due to its optimal combination of mechanical strength, stiffness and mechanical damping properties, together with a good electrical insulating ability. This is why electrical housing is made from nylon. PA66 is commonly used as a replacement to metal in various applications, the chemical and physical properties of PA6 are very similar to PA66. PA6 has better impact resistance and solubility resistance than PA66, but its moisture absorption is also stronger.


High Gloss Packaging

Styrene acrylonitrile copolymer – Transparent and with excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance and gloss, SAN also has good rigidity, tensile and flexural strength. Due to its high gloss appearance, SAN tends to be used in cosmetic packaging applications. SAN can cause problems when colouring in light tints due to the violet dyestuffs present in it. These are used to visually ‘clean it up’ when manufactured.


Blister Pack

Polyethylene terephthalate Glycol – PET with glycol added. The Glycol is added to give better flow properties but decreases the strength. PETG can be extruded to form bottles and into sheets to make ‘blister’ type packaging.


Product made of TPE/TPU

Thermoplastic Elastomer/Thermoplastic polyurethane – TPU has many applications including automotive instrument panels, caster wheels, power tools, medical devices, and a variety of extruded film, sheet, and profile applications. TPEs are used in a variety of applications in the automotive, medical, construction, electrical, appliance, packaging, and industrial markets.

Reasons to use Broadway

  • Fast lead times – next day deliveries achievable
  • Consistent products of premium-quality
  • Cost-efficient formulations, providing competitive prices
  • Experts in colour matching and customised solutions
  • On site colour matching service – great for colouring PCR
  • Impressive special effects portfolio
  • Comprehensive range of performance additives
  • Extensive testing facilities and rigorous QC procedures
  • Low minimum order quantities
  • Call-off and consignment stock services
  • Current European food, toy, medical and REACH compliance
  • Excellent customer service from knowledgeable, friendly staff
  • Established, family-owned business, trading internationally
  • ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 accredited supplier
Staff in Broadway's office

Enquire today to see how you can benefit from our high-quality materials.

Colour Masterbatch
“Broadway have supported M&H for many years. They have a vast array of knowledge and work hard to support the requirements of their customers. They understand the need to respond quickly and efficiently with high quality products. I would not hesitate to recommend Broadway.”
Louise S.
Cluster Purchasing Manager @ Berry M&H Plastics
“It was surprising to see how much PCR content affected the final colour. Working with Broadway was great, as not only were they able to explain in great detail how the colour can be affected, but they were also able to show us, first-hand, how it looked. By carrying out the colour matching at the Broadway site and being able to feedback on the same day, it saved us precious time on development.”
Lauriane B.
Product Development Manager @ The Body Shop
“Broadway have been a consistent factor in supplying us with hundreds of colours for almost 15 years, an efficient and customer service driven supplier who delivers on time every time. From supplying a colour plaque to delivering large lots of masterbatch on extremely short lead times, Broadway have never let us down!”
Mark B.
Operations Manager @ Synergy Plastics
“Broadway’s ability to offer small lot size shipments, not only gives us flexibility in production, but makes us nimble and efficient when it comes to our own clients’ needs. Concentrating on relationship building and understanding our own requirements fundamentally makes Broadway stand out from the crowd.”
Ben M.
Head of Sales & Marketing @ ACME Whistles
“Broadway have been our provider for some years now in all our technical material needs – offering expert technical knowledge and advice and providing bespoke solutions. Broadway have taken the stress out of trying to keep up to date with all our technical needs and provide us with a common sense approach to incorporating new materials and additives and adapting the materials to suit. They offer an up-to-date colour match service from a very experienced team and first-class technical approach, offering fast lead times. Broadway are a very competent team. They’re always on hand when we need them to react to our needs and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, consistent and quality focused material supplier.”
Shaun M.
Director @ Rototek
“Broadway supply a comprehensive range of colourants for the SHARPSGUARD® range of products. While the day-to-day supply of colourants happen seamlessly to meet the exacting needs of Daniels Healthcare, in the background we work closely together to develop a range of colourants and other additives to future proof the SHARPSGUARD® range of products responsibly and sustainably. Broadway’s technical expertise is second to none which provides the basis to enhance new projects efficiently and effectively.”
Marc W.
Product Development & Technical Support Manager @ Daniels Healthcare
“Broadway worked with us for several months to achieve the optimal results that our customer was looking for. This project was an absolute success for our business. Our experience with Broadway has always been positive, their biggest advantage is their great customer service and response time, this combined with a very good lead time for non standard colours makes Broadway one of the best masterbatch and compound suppliers that we have worked with.”
Vasco M.
Operations Manager @ SI Protech
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