The Body Shop bottle

With the world focused on reducing plastic waste, Brand Owners, Packaging Technicians and moulders are constantly seeking the most economical resources.

PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) material is the most obvious and instant solution by utilising waste packaging, washing and reprocessing it into a usable material for re-moulding. The shade and translucency of the material invariably differs from batch to batch and presents somewhat of a challenge to plastics colourists. PCR content in any packaging can adversely affect the colour of the final product due to the nature of the material, particularly at higher levels.

The Body Shop have recently launched their Community Trade recycled plastic initiative, and turned to Broadway Colours to assist the development of the colour for their high PCR content bottles. In order to develop the bottles timely and efficiently, representatives from The Body Shop utilised Broadway’s onsite Colour Suite. The main focus for their visit was on their new Ginger Shampoo bottle, which utilises 100% PCR content, 15% of which is Community Trade Recycled Plastic. Development of other colours, containing PCR materials, continues across their extensive range of products.

Lauriane Buffe, Product Development Manager for The Body Shop said; “It was surprising to see how much PCR content affected the final colour. Working with Broadway Colours was great, as not only were they able to explain in great detail how the colour can be affected, but they were also able to show us, first-hand, how it looked. By carrying out the colour matching at the Broadway Colours site and being able to feedback on the same day, it saved us precious time on development.”

Broadway’s Colour suite allows new colours, or entire projects to be developed and signed off in the same day, saving untimely delays and money. With the increased demand for colouring products utilising PCR material, the Colour Suite comes into its own as the laboratory staff can instantly demonstrate the effect the material will have and the applicable palette limitations.

Chris Bird, Sales Manager for Broadway Colours, said; “It was a pleasure working with The Body Shop on this project. I am proud to be able to offer the Colour Suite in order to facilitate the use of recycled materials for the high street. Broadway are passionate about educating and inspiring our customers, and by demonstrating that alternative materials are not as daunting as they may seem, I firmly believe that that we can make a real difference to the industry”.