Antimicrobial masterbatch solution for plastics

Broadway Colours range of performance masterbatches offer a number of benefits that extend way beyond simply adding colour.

The Suffolk based polymer colouring market leaders have developed a highly effective Antimicrobial additive called Supra-Guard, which provides trusted reassurance for a broad range of market sectors, including healthcare, household, office, sports and public sector.

Chris Bird, Sales Manager at Broadway Colours, said, “As we continue to live in an ever-connected tactile world, hygiene and in particular, effective measures to counter the spread of harmful viruses have never been more important”.

He went on to add, “Many of our customers produce a diverse range of products that can include anything from hospital equipment to public seating to care home equipment. However, our Supra-Guard polymer product protection additive offers customers the perfect solution in the battle against bacteria”.

Indeed, Broadways Antimicrobial active agent has been specially formulated to control the potential buildup of fungi and bacteria on the surface of plastic products.

Supra-Guard is safe, non-toxic, fully compliant and can effectively inhibit the growth of microorganisms, often eliminating dangerous bacteria throughout that product’s lifespan. Based on Silver ions, this performance enhancing additive can achieve a 99.9% reduction in the spread of surface bacteria and prevent discolouration and odours from developing further.

Easily included in low addition rates during the manufacturing process, Supra-Guard is available in masterbatch or rotational powder formulations for a wide range of plastics.

Broadway understands that many brands have differing specific requirements, which is why the firm’s expert laboratory technicians are on hand to advise and guide customers on the most appropriate solutions for a range of materials and production processes.

Chris Bird went on to say, “We continue to develop products aimed at providing customers with solutions to counter a wide range of problems. In addition to Supra-Guard, our Process+ Supra Technology range also includes mould release agents, UV protection, anti-static and fraud protection to add real value to products”.

To find out more about Broadways Supra-Guard or any of their other Process+ Supra Technology additives, call us today on +44 (0)1986 875100

Please email to request a printed copy of our Supra-Guard brochure, or download the digital version.

Supra-guard leaflet