Broadway colour grades

Broadway Colours are proud to announce the launch of their Brand New, State-of the-art, Rotational Moulding Powder facility.

Not only are we able to offer many grades of Natural Polymer, but a Standard Colour Range along with Custom Colours and Effects too. We are also the only rotational moulding company on the market that produces a Rotational Moulded Cube of every colour we produce to best show the quality and consistency of our products.

Broadway Colours offer a wide range of quality natural LLDPE Rotational Moulding powders. All are ground to a standard 500microns and are in stock for immediate despatch.

All colours in the Standard Colour Range are in stock and available in a General Purpose Melt 5/6 LLDPE powder. Our material is designed to provide an excellent combination of physical properties such as impact strength, stiffness and flow characteristics. Items made from this material show good mechanical properties and excellent surface aspect. This grade is suitable for applications where hardness resistance and high stiffness is required. All Colours are available in alternative MFIs on request.

As well as standard colours, Broadway offers a selection of mottled effects. In the photo above we have a selection from the range of colours available These are also available in our general purpose Melt 5/6 LLDPE.