Solar Panels

To further reduce our carbon footprint, Broadway has chosen to make a significant investment in solar panels at our site in Holton, Suffolk. The installation will start in April and the panels are scheduled to be fully operational by July.

1,700 solar panels will be installed on our factory roof, covering a total area of 3,400 square metres. The image above shows an artist’s impression of how the factory roof could look after the installation is complete. On an average summer’s day, the solar panels should generate around 600kw/hour of energy, which equates to 60% of our energy usage during our hours of operation. This will result in an estimated annual carbon saving of around 145,067kg. The remainder of Broadway’s energy will continue to come from renewable sources.

Founder & Managing Director Joe Maynard said:
“With sustainability being a key focus for us, our customers and our industry, investing in a renewable energy source is vital. This is an important step which shows our desire to minimise our environmental impact. As well as reducing our carbon emissions, this will go some way to insulating the business from the high and volatile energy costs we all continue to experience.”