Broadway new range

Broadway Colours recently attended the Packaging Innovations Show in Birmingham, where we launched five exciting new colour ranges.

Utopia Range

Here we present a fantastic range of innovative pearls, that are brand new on the market.

The Utopia Range is suitable for use in most materials, so these new colours can bring a new lease of life to any of your products.

Inspire Range

Based on the colours in our corporate logo, we have the Inspire Range.

As the name suggests, this range is designed to Inspire. Each colour has a different effect to best demonstrate the special effects that we can achieve in plastics. Although the plaques are demonstrated here in PP, we can translate many special effects into most materials. Broadway Colours are market leaders in special effects masterbatch, so contact us today with your requirements or for more information.

Gem Range

Based, once again, on our vibrant corporate colours we give you the Gem Range. A range of jewel-bright trans colours, designed to make your products stand out from the crowd.

These plaques have been moulded in PP, but can be easily replicated into any glass clear polymer.

Pastels Range

If you require something a bit more subtle, then look no further than our new Pastels Range.

The colours here give an earthy, rustic and yet luxurious feel. With each colour having 3 shades, a product range can be easily created and sit together perfectly. These plaques are also moulded in PP, but the colour can be made to suit any polymer you wish, again making Product Range design stress free.

Skin-Care Range

Finally we present the Skin-Care Range. This range of colours is based on a variety of skin tones, designed mainly for the cosmetics market. Although with an increase in demand for quality prosthetics, you could not get a better range of colours. This range is also suitable for most materials.

Want a set of your own?

If you would like one or indeed all of these plaque sets to see for yourself. Contact us on 01986 875 100, or contact us on our website. All of our masterbatches are free of heavy metal and cadmium based pigments and confirm to UK and European food contact AP(89)1 and toy EN71 application requirements.