Broadway Autumn/Winter 2018 Colour Trends

Following the successful launch of the Colour Trends brochures in 2015, Broadway Colours have turned them up a notch, giving them a brand new look and superior feel

The brochures now contain more colours, some notes as to how the colours have influenced us and how we feel the palettes are best expressed for the given season.

Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Colin Tompkins said; “I am often asked where we select our colours from, and how we predict trends. The answer is all around us. Fashion, nature, food & drink, interior design – I could go on. The colours have been carefully chosen based across all industries, and they tend to form a theme when put together. The new format not only provides ideas for new colour schemes, but the added notes are there to help build an overall picture .”

All Colours depicted in the brochure can be produced in a wide range of materials suitable for most processing methods, which means that entire ranges can be created with ease. We can produce masterbatch or compound with various pellet sizes to suit your needs.

Please email to request a printed copy of the brochure.