New 2018 edition of Broadway’s Masterbatch Additives Catalogue.

By  •  20th March 2018 at 9:13 am

Enhance Performance | Fewer Rejections | Save money

Following the successful launch of Process+ technology in 2016, Broadway have increased their offerings for enhancing plastics processing performance in the launch of their latest brochure.

Products that incorporate Process+ Technology can benefit from improved cycle times, surface finish and longevity – which ultimately means fewer rejections and increased efficiency, saving both time and money.

In the 2018 edition of the brochure, you can now find Supra-Frosted, Supra-Eco and Supra-Sustainable.
Supra-Frosted – the first PET additive on the market to provide a true frosted effect to ISBM PET applications
Supra-Eco is a 100% PCR Base for PET applications.
Supra-Sustainable offers a sugar-cane based alternative carrier for use in PET.

More information on these and the rest of the Process+ Technology range, can be found in the new 2018 brochure, which is available to download today.

Printed copies are available on request from [email protected].

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