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Exciting times are ahead for Broadway Colours, as King of Shaves place their debut order just before Christmas. Matthew Hennessey, Sales Representative, has been working closely with King of Shaves’ Rosanna Wells, Product Design Engineer, developing new colours for King of Shaves rapidly growing range of grooming products.

Rosanna Wells said: “We are currently in the process of developing a new product and in this development we have carried out many colour trials and material testing. Most of our development so far has been using standard materials such as PP, TPE and ABS but we most recently have a requirement to use more exotic plastics. Broadway Colours have been very accommodating to this, letting us send plastic to them for testing to find the best possible carrier match for our material.”

At Broadway Colours we produce masterbatch for a variety of uses ranging from cosmetic bottles and caps to computer and mobile phone casings. All of our masterbatches are polymer specific and custom made to suit our customer’s needs, not only on colour but heat stability, light fastness and food contact approval. Our laboratory is equipped with up to the minute technology and supported by the very latest in colour measurement facilities. In addition to this we have invested in the latest high speed, high torque, co-rotating, twin-screw extruders.

Matthew said: “As King of Shaves’ products are so diverse, we had to manage a number of materials. This presented a challenge as we had to ensure the colours sat in line with each other, and presented well as a range. This is where our Custom Colour Matching and Universal Range came into its own. We were also excited to be given the opportunity to experiment with materials that do not normally respond well to effects. The end results are stunning”

Broadway Colours offers a universal masterbatch range for use in a wide variety of polymers. All of our masterbatches are free of heavy metal and cadmium based pigments. With 199 stock colours that all confirm to UK and European food contact AP(89)1 and toy EN71 application requirements.

At Broadway we realise that quality is paramount. Every batch we produce is made in accordance with our production procedure. This procedure is based around the production specification of the masterbatch, which is unique to each product. Following a successful audit our quality systems have been certified to the ISO 9001 standard.

Rosanna Wells also said: “It is very simple to choose colours with Broadway Colours. In the past we have simply given them a pantone reference and asked for it to have an effect such as metallic or have a colour mix, the swatches are very useful for explaining this. They are very helpful and will always reply to us quickly. We look forward to continuing to work with Broadway Colours for the rest of this product development.”

If you would like any information on colour matching please contact us on 01986 875100.