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You would be forgiven for thinking that the way forward for Colourants, Additives & Masterbatch would be to strive for the best colour, the best effect or visual appeal/performance in the final product. To a degree this is correct, but the market has now evolved so that moulders are demanding an “all- in-one” solution. Essentially the perfect masterbatch would have to distribute evenly at a low dosage, give processing & performance enhancements and work in a range of materials.

Suffolk based Masterbatch & Rotational Moulding Powder producer, Broadway Colours, have reacted to this by introducing Process+ Technology.

Process+ Technology is the name of Broadway’s unique blend of process know-how and cutting-edge production technology. It gives their customers the vital edge when applications demand extra performance from parts and materials. Broadway’s extensive, on-going, R&D programmes support every development they make and enable the company to provide a technical support capability that is second to none in the plastics industry.

Products that incorporate Process+ Technology benefit from improved cycle times, surface finish and longevity – which ultimately means fewer rejections and increased efficiency, saving both time and money. The new technology can be incorporated into any colour and be used in any material. Broadway can also supply additives based on Process+ Technology to work alongside customers’ existing formulations to help improve the production process.

Operations Director, Nick Barber commented: “Our newly commissioned laboratory facilities, coupled with a highly talented team of plastics experts have really gone to prove that anything is possible. At Broadway we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation for the plastics industry, and that does not stop with colour. Appearance is extremely important, but ultimately the product has to perform and perform consistently. Process+ Technology is the way forward for the plastics industry.”

For more information download our new Masterbatch Additives and Rotational Moulding Powder range, and see how Process+ Technology can help you and your business.