COVID statement

Dear valued Customers,

Firstly, all of the Broadway team hope you and your colleagues are keeping safe and well in these unprecedented times.

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, we felt it was important to assure all our customers that we are doing our utmost to ensure continuity of supply at this challenging time.

With our Government guidelines evolving daily, we are committed to follow them alongside our own robust contingency plans, to mitigate the effects of the virus on all company employees.

For all our peace of mind, we have implemented contingencies throughout our business, some examples of these changes are highlighted below:

1) Our Customer Service department have been split, with half working remotely. We will still be able to provide assistance via email, phone and video conferencing to ensure your requirements are met. Please note that there will still be customer service representative’s onsite, they will have complete access to all systems.

2) All external sales members have / will cease travel for any meetings from Friday 20th March 2020. In addition we are also discouraging any non-essential visits to our premises during this time.

3) Any customers who arrange collection we ask that you ensure that your haulage/couriers have taken their own steps to ensure they remain vigilant. If any driver begins to show any sign of symptoms during their travels to us they need to remain in their cab and we will load / unload their vehicle while they wait.

4) Within all our departments we have increased inspection periods to ensure all works areas remain clean and staff have been advised to use anti-bacterial sprays where possible.

5) All staff must report to senior management/supervisors immediately if they are showing any symptoms and must remove themselves from the site and go home following Government guidelines for self-isolation.

6) Broadway Colours have already taken additional measures to ensure continuity of supply for key constituents; however under the current climate this offers no guarantee of supply. In light of the situation may we suggest you identify key materials your business needs and if forward orders can be placed for them will afford us the opportunity to secure stock to fulfil them.

7) All our production continues uninterrupted, we have designed our business to be nimble and flexible to all customer demands. We have the capacity to increase working hours to include night shifts and weekend work.

We will continue to work hard to minimise any disruption from elements beyond our control, we are here to support you by maintaining a smooth and consistent operation.

Please be assured that the health concerns of our employees, customers and suppliers are taken very seriously and we remain committed to stem the risk of further infection.

Wishing you all the best, and please take care.

Broadway Colours Limited