Single-use PPE

For many, particularly those working on the frontline against COVID-19, personal protective equipment (PPE) has proved vital in protecting us from contracting or spreading the highly infectious virus.

However, despite the indisputable life-saving benefits of PPE, the additional burden of single-use items potentially coming into contact with the environment cannot be ignored.

Broadway has developed a marine-based additive that is perfect for use in the manufacture of PPE.

As part of our Supra PROCESS+ range of performance additives, our Supra-Sustainable marine-based climate-smart solution essentially solves outreach, ecological, and manufacturing challenges. This innovative environmental additive enables manufacturers to produce a wide range of PPE components that can now be both safe and sustainable.

As well as significantly reducing the amount of plastic materials used during manufacture, PPE producers can also enjoy several other benefits that help reduce energy usage during manufacturing to produce PPE gowns that are both thinner and stronger, yet totally recyclable at the end of life.

Nick Barber, Commercial Director at Broadway, said, “Our Supra-Sustainable offering provides the perfect fit for manufacturers conscious of the environmental impacts of single-use items such as gowns and other PPE components”.

He added, “It is fundamentally important to us that we continue to provide products that can make a real difference to society and the environment. This latest marine-based plastic-free additive, along with other products such as our Supra-Guard Anti-microbial and Supra-Sure anti-counterfeiting additives, can prove essential partners in the ongoing fight against COVID-19. One could say that our Supra PROCESS+ range provides genuine benefits that extend way beyond merely adding colour’.

Supra-Sustainable benefits include:

  • Reduces the overall amount of plastic used in the end product
  • A cost-efficient way of using sustainable materials over PCR.
  • Less expensive, more readily available than PCR.
  • Significantly reduces processing cycle times, increasing output.
  • Processes at lower temperatures.
  • Saves energy during production.
  • Does not affect recyclability.
  • Can be combined with colour masterbatch and other additives.
  • Falls within the new UK taxation laws regarding recycled content if required (Subject to future government advice).
  • Lowers CO2 footprint.
  • Climate-Smart.
  • Free from allergens.
  • FDA Food Contact Approved.

Broadway’s Supra-Sustainable is available in either masterbatch or rotational powder formulations and can be supplied as a stand-alone additive or incorporated into a specific colour for a cost-effective environmental solution.

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Download our Supra-Sustainable brochure and leaflet here:

Supra-sustainable pdf

Surpa-sustainable single-use ppe leaflet