Fresh, New Look

Broadway Colours are set to make waves in the plastics industry with the launch of their new Website.

Under the banner of “Any Colour, Any Effect, Any Time, Anywhere,” Broadway have made the colour matching process so much easier. The new site include comprehensive information on how the colour match process works, physical properties of various polymers, visual demonstrations of the latest colour effects and much, much more. There is a new section devoted to additives to enhance your products performance and appearance, as well as information on Broadway’s compounding service.

The Concept…

Colin Tompkins, Broadway’s Marketing Co-ordinator said “For many years the colour industry for plastics has been a bit of a smoke and mirrors affair, but we at Broadway Colours are here to provide some clarity. Not only does this help the creative process, but it also helps eliminate various options which would otherwise delay the development and approval of certain products. For Designers we aim to inspire, for Manufacturers we deliver ultimate efficiency, and for Buyers we deliver the most competitive pricing on the market. Our new website encapsulates our concept of Any Colour, Any Effect, Any Time, Anywhere in one beautiful, fully functional package. This is an important step for Broadway Colours and by becoming more interactive, more personable and above all more focused – there is no doubt that everybody can benefit.”

So What’s New?

The new site aims to shed light on the colour industry in plastics, to educate and inspire everybody to create and innovate. Colouring plastics is an art as well as a science, and the site provides the tools and the right amount of information for complete ranges of products to be designed, developed and stand out on the shelf. Broadway’s expert colourists and technical team are never too far away with either a telephone call, email or via the enquiry form.

Customers can submit colour match requests online and book appointments to have their colours matched on site at Broadway Colours’ new fully customised Colour Suite. The latest colour charts and compatibility charts are now available for download, and the latest product brochures available on request.