Fluorescent Masterbatch range

Want something different to Pastels or Flat Colours? Look no further than our brand-new Day-Glow Fluorescent Masterbatch Range.

The plaques above have been moulded in HDPE, but they can be easily formulated for use in other materials*. Unlike most fluorescent colours, the colours in this range have been formulated so that they do not turn white if they fade. Inevitably, fluorescent colours do fade in sunlight, but our colours will fade gracefully to a slightly different shade of the relevant colour. They will not be quite as bright as brand new, but they will certainly keep their identity.

So if you need to give your product range a radical re-vamp these colours are perfect. The range has been formulated for use up to 260 degrees, giving them far superior heat stability to regular fluorescent colours. They are designed to be low plate-out too, so there is less of a risk of tool staining**.

For more information on our fluorescent masterbatch range and to order a free set of plaques, contact us at 01986 875100, or via our website by clicking here. All of our masterbatches are free of heavy metal and cadmium based pigments and conform to UK and European food contact AP(89)1 and toy EN71 application requirements.

*Some materials such as Nylon may be incompatible, sampling is strongly recommended to ensure compatibility.

**Sampling prior to production is strongly recommended