Broadway's laboratory team with colour plaques of Broadway's 1,000th custom roto colour

We’ve just announced another colouring milestone – our 1,000th custom colour for rotational moulding was formulated in July.

Broadway has been manufacturing rotational moulding powders since 2011, we apply the same colouring expertise we’ve used in over 25 years of developing custom colour masterbatches. 2022 saw us pass the milestone of 50,000 masterbatch colours and we’ve reached another milestone of 1,000 custom roto colours this year.

Our entire process is managed in-house, giving us complete colour control over all materials we manufacture. Over the years, we’ve continued to refine our methods, developing an incredibly efficient and streamlined process for custom colour matching. A powerful combination of old heads and new colouring technology allows us to keep colour match lead times to a minimum – matches are typically completed within just three working days of a new request. An extensive and growing colour library provides our expert colourists with a useful resource. This can often be drawn on to aid the development of new colours, whether they’re for a custom masterbatch, compound or rotational moulding powder.

For new roto colours, we can supply colour samples as plaques, a rotationally moulded cube or hexagonal bin. We can also supply free material samples for moulding trials. Our 1,000th custom roto powder was a turquoise, matched to the target of an on-screen colour: HEX code #02F5F0. The colour has since been approved and material has been ordered. The customer’s initial requirement is to mould samples of a new product – a large rotationally moulded container. Our customer plans to present the product at forthcoming shows to generate new orders.

Our Technical Manager Dr Stephen Rayner oversees our laboratory where all new colour matches are formulated. He said:
“In addition to 53,000 masterbatch colour formulations, reaching the milestone of the 1,000th custom colour for rotational moulding is a testament to Broadway’s colouring capability. It reflects the trust that our customers have in our ability to provide them with innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions. We strive to push boundaries with the colourants and additives used in our roto powders, in order to solve our customers’ problems.”

Sales Coordinator Connor Peck added:
“Having worked closely with our roto customers for several years now, I know that quality, price, and service levels are all important factors for them. As a team we work hard to deliver against every aspect of our customers’ requirements. It’s particularly rewarding to receive positive feedback on our service levels. It’s great that customers recognise our commitment to delivering professional and attentive service in a friendly manner.”

We offer rotational moulding powders to cater for different end use requirements. We can colour a range of natural polymer grades, with different melt flow and density options. These include tank grades, flame retardants, foams, anti-microbials and our Supra Linear powder – designed for the manufacture of kayaks, dinghies, and canoes. Our new endothermic chemical foaming agent can be used in place of potentially hazardous, exothermic chemical foaming agents which moulders may be using in legacy materials. We’ve also been working with customers and industry partners to develop roto powders that provide a wood effect finish in the final product. All of Broadway’s powders are ground to 500 microns and are UV-stabilised.

In addition to custom colours, we also offer a standard range of over 20 rotational moulding powders. These include mottle effects for millstone, sandstone, white marble, and green marble. These products are typically available within just five working days. Click here for more details. Our colour matching service is free of charge. To request a free colour match, click here or contact our sales team vie email on or by calling 01986 875 100.