Pallmann Grinder

Broadway Colours have seen an increase in demand for their high quality Rotational Moulding Powders.

Reacting to this, Broadway have purchased a second, larger, brand new Pallmann Grinder.  The installation of this machine dramatically increases the factory’s capacity.  This follows the installation of a second 75mm extruder in 2015.  Plans for more equipment are currently being approved.

Chris Gramlick – Business Development Manager said; “Roto Powders have been a great success, since their launch in 2012, with strong year on year growth.  This extra equipment allows us to keep up with demand and maintain our market leading high standards whilst keeping the lead times down to a minimum.  These are very exciting times indeed.”

QC & Research Benefit from Expansion

Further to the installation of the weather testing facilities last year, Broadway have installed a Xenon Arc tester.  This allows their products to be tested to accredited industry standards to ensure the end product’s longevity.

The expansion of the fully customised laboratory facilities has allowed the Research and Development team to flourish.  Tests are currently underway for alternative base materials, with trials for foams already being finalised.  Customers are now able to submit materials for testing as well as call on their expert team for in depth technical support.

Dr Nick Henwood – Senior Technical Consultant commented: “Our aim is to become the “Go-To” company for rotomoulding materials, whether they be standard products or specialities.  We now have the technical expertise to offer a wide range of material solutions: products like foams, flame retardants, conductives, antimicrobials, kayak grades and formulated blends.  We understand how important it is to provide  back-up support, both in the lab and at the roto machine and we are ready and fully capable to be of service to our customers.”

This project was supported by New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership through the Growing Business Fund
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Join us for your next Project…

Broadway Colours specialise in producing custom colour masterbatch for a variety of applications.  To this end we are able to offer custom colours and effects in our Rotational moulding Powders too.

The new Colour Matching Suite allows you to have your colours matched and approved, on site, all in the same day.  Couple this with un-tapped access to the expert colourists from our state-of-the-art laboratory and you can approve complete ranges without the worry of postage costs or untimely delays.

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