Celebrating 20 years in plastics

Broadway Colours have been a market leading supplier of high quality masterbatch for 2 decades.

Beginning by predominantly supplying the cosmetics packaging industry, demand grew rapidly allowing the company to expand into the 90,000ft2 facility the company occupies today. Starting with 3 extruders in 1997, the company now boasts a total of 8 extruders and 2 high capacity grinders.

Market Leading Special Effects

Broadway Colours have become renowned for their special effects in plastics and are able to offer pearl and metallic effects, as well as glow in the dark, photochromic, thermochromic and frosted to name a few.

Managing Director, Joe Maynard said: “Broadway Colours have always been at the cutting edge of innovation in plastics. Investment in the best equipment the market has to offer, alongside qualified, experienced staff has given Broadway the reputation it has today. The company has now evolved to not only supply colours, but serves to improve production efficiency and product longevity across the entire plastics industry.”

High Quality Rotational Moulding Powders

In 2011 Broadway started to supply the rotational moulding market with high quality powders, from their state of the art grinding facility. Since then capacity has more than doubled, with a boost of strong investment over 2015/16. Broadway provide first class technical and after-sales support, further ensuring that our customer’s products perform at their best during and after production.

Snr Technical Consultant, Dr Nick Henwood commented: ”Our aim is to become the ‘Go-To’ company for rotomoulding materials, whether they be standard products or specialities. We now have the technical expertise to offer a wide range of material solutions: products like foams, flame retardants, kayak grades and formulated blends. We understand how important it is to provide back-up support, both in the lab and at the roto machine and we are ready and fully capable to be of service to our customers.”

New Colour Matching Suite

In 2014 Broadway launched their Colour Matching Suite, which allows customers to have colour matches carried out while they are on site, meaning complete product ranges can be approved in the same day. There is a colour selection wall, with hundreds of shades to get things started, as well as an effect selection wall allowing customers to fine tune the finish to their exact requirements.

Process+ Technology, Created, Developed & Released

More recently, in the Summer of 2016, Broadway released Process+ Technology® which encompasses their range of performance enhancing additives for plastics. Process+ Technology® provides customers with the confidence that their products will perform to their best, both during and after production.

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