Supra-sure - anti-counterfeit additive

With thousands of fake goods entering the market every day, the need to protect the identity of your products is more vital than ever. It can cost thousands in product recalls, but by incorporating our Anti-Counterfeit additive into your packaging you can be sure that the product is the genuine article. This is also useful for protecting specified colours and corporate/brand identity.

The anti-counterfeit additive can be produced as a masterbatch on its own to add alongside your existing masterbatch stock. This can also be incorporated into existing formulas you have with us for a cost-saving alternative.

The presence of this colourless additive is detected using a small laser pen, clearly identifying genuine products. This can be easily demonstrated at our On-Site Colour Matching facility. Call 01986 875100 or fill out our enquiry form for more information or to book an appointment.

Additives from Broadway Colours are designed to enhance your product performance and improve overall efficiency

All additives produced by Broadway Colours…

Can be produced either as masterbatch or compound
Can be tailored to individual product specifications
Comply with European Food and toy contact regulations
Can be sampled free of charge and production turned around within 3 working days