Acme Whistles turn to Broadway Colours to Protect their Product's Identity

There are millions of pounds worth of counterfeit goods seized at UK ports every year, but not all of them get caught. Not only can this cost manufacturers hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal fees and compensation, but in some cases it can cost lives.

Founded by Joseph Hudson, back in the 1860’s, ACME Whistles are home to the world’s biggest and finest selection of professional whistles. They currently manufacture 93 different types, many of which are world firsts, so protecting the identity of these prized products is essential. ACME Whistles turned to Broadway Colours to implement their Supra-Sure Anti-counterfeit additive, so they could be confident that any of their products entering the market are 100% genuine.

Ben McFarlane, Sales Manager for ACME Whistles commented; “It is important to us that we can ensure our products are safe for public use and are the genuine article. With such a large product range, across varying colours, rolling out an anti-counterfeit protection system was imperative. Broadway Colours stepped up to help us achieve this.

Supra-Sure, a Process+ Technology additive provided by Broadway colours, consists of a unique combination of specialist pigments which imperceptibly alters the light refraction of the surface of a moulding. The additive is detected using two methods. The first is using a laser pen of a specific wavelength, which shows a dot of light when the additive is present. If the product does not contain the additive the dot will not appear. The second method is by use of an acoustic detector. The detector emits a sound and shows a green light, with the additive present. It stays silent and shows a blue light if there is no additive present.