Custom Compounds


Custom compounds from Broadway Colours give you the ultimate in quality and consistency for your products.

As a market leading producer of masterbatch, we are able to provide virtually any colour, with any effect, for use in any material.  We are able to provide the base material, or alternatively you can provide a material you are happy with, for us to colour in our state of the art lab.

All compounds produced by Broadway Colours (Using stocked base materials)…

  • Are free from heavy metals and are fully Euro Food and Toy Contact approved
  • Can be turned around within 3-5 working days
  • Go through a rigorous QC procedure to ensure quality and consistency
  • Can be custom matched free of charge and turned around within 3 working days
Need A Colour Compound Fast?

Broadway Colours stock a Universal Colour range that is suitable for a wide range of materials.

With 199 colours to choose from, and the flexibility of a universal carrier system, we can compound any of these colours in practically any material you wish at the drop of a hat. Please call our office and speak to one of our friendly staff for more information on compatibility and pricing.

Functional Additives & Processing

We can offer anything from UV protection to release agents and antistatic additives.

All of our additives are designed to help with more efficient production, and offer more functionality to your products. Our additives can be supplied compounded into natural polymer, or incorporated into a colour for a cost effective solution.

So What Do Compounds Offer?

Compounds produced by Broadway Colours, are made using the latest in colour technology. Coupled with state of the art extrusion and laboratory equipment.

With some engineering polymers, masterbatch does not disperse properly leaving streaks or specks in the products surface. As compounds are pre-dispersed, this problem is eliminated, making compounding essential in some situations.

Similarly with effects, particularly pearl effects, flow lines are sometimes visible when masterbatch is used for injection moulding. This is caused by the pearl particle moving at different speeds as the material flows around the mould. The slower particles settle quicker leaving what appears to be a line of pigment. When used as a compound, all the particles are evenly distributed, virtually eliminating any flow lines.

Compounds can be easier to use when moulding in small quantities. There is no dosing involved, as the compound goes straight into the feeder for the machine. This means you have less wastage and a more consistent small batch.

Technical mouldings can be quite intricate and require a high melt flow in order to get the finer details. Because compounds do not rely on the carrier system of a masterbatch, they are much easier to get up to operational temperatures. Again because there is no mixing involved, the process is faster, with fewer rejections and ultimately more efficient.