Colour Matching



“We always use Broadway for our colour matches. They have a great attention to detail and always get the results we want.”


Purchasing Manager – International Closures Manufacturer

Norfolk, UK

Requesting a colour match from Broadway could not be simpler. You can complete our application form online, or simply call us and speak to our friendly sales team with your requirements. Alternatively – pay us a visit and have your match carried out while you relax in our brand new colour matching suite.

When our laboratory receives a colour match request we first have to select the pigments and dyestuffs used based on the following customer selected criteria: Heat Stability, Compatibility with requested polymer, Light fastness, Toxicity, Reliable pigment combinations, Metamerism and Cost.

Once the pigments have been selected a labshot is made in the lab using the requested base polymer. The pigments, polymers and dispersants are mixed and then injection moulded to produce a colour plaque. If the colourist is not satisfied, the process is repeated with adjustments until a satisfactory result is achieved.

The labshot is then converted into a masterbatch formula dependant on the customers requested addition rate (let down %). A sample is then made under production conditions to ensure future consistency. The sample is then let down in the appropriate polymer and moulded into colour plaques which are compared back to the labshot.

If satisfactory some of the masterbatch sample and plaques are retained with the rest being sent to the customer (usually 1kg and 6 plaques) so both have a record of the match. If the customer approves the match then the sample becomes the ‘master standard’ to which all future production is referred.

Request A Colour Match

To request a colour match, please fill out our online form and one of our team will be in contact shortly to confirm a delivery date.