High-Quality Rotational Moulding Powders

rotational moulding powders

Broadway Colours has been manufacturing rotational moulding powders for over a decade. Our vast experience in the manufacture of custom colours for plastics means we’re perfectly placed to offer you the highest in accuracy and consistency with custom colours for your rotational moulding materials. Customers have said that our products surpass anything else on the market.

• We offer competitive lead times. We always provide reliable and honest information on our turnarounds. Please call or email us for the latest details.

• We monitor polymer prices regularly and have established relationships with multiple suppliers. This helps ensure our pricing is competitive, whilst also offering a flexible supply chain solution in the event of shortages.

• We’re proud of our industry-leading colour control measures. We work within a tolerance of just one Delta E, which is much tighter than the industry standard. Our entire process is managed in house, so we have complete colour control over all materials we manufacture. Our experienced colourists have successfully developed over 800 unique custom colours for our rotational moulding customers.

• Our fantastic on-site colour matching suite is great for reducing lead times. This facility allows customers to visit us to review and approve a number of samples on the same day they’re matched.

• We also have over 20 colours in our standard range. These include mottle effects for millstone, sandstone, white marble and green marble.

• We can supply samples as a plaque chain, hex bin or rotationally moulded cube. Our rotationally moulded 3D sample cube is unique in the market.

• We have extensive testing facilities to help ensure your products will stand the test of time. These include a Xenon ARC UV tester, an Accelerated Weather Testing Station and an Impact tester, built to ARM standards. We can also offer an FTIR test. This allows us to test supplied components and ensure your previous materials are on spec.

• Unlike some of our competitors, we also have a rotational moulding machine. This allows us to test the moulding performance of materials in house, using the correct moulding method.

Our high-quality rotational moulding powders are relied upon for their accuracy and consistency. All our powders are ground to 500 microns so they’re suitable for a wide range of applications including complex mouldings. We manufacture materials for a range of specialities including:
– ‘Supra Linear’ – perfect for kayaks, dingies and canoes
– Tank grades
– Flame retardants
– Foams
– Anti Microbial

We have a minimum order quantity of 1200kg on custom powders. Smaller lots are available on our standard colour range. Please call or email us for further details.

Rotational Moulding Powders produced by Broadway Colours…

  • Are ground to a standard 500 microns
  • Are available in various melt flow options
  • Go through a rigorous QC procedure to ensure quality and consistency
  • Are supplied with fast turnarounds and industry-leading colour accuracy

“The quality of Broadway’s powders surpasses anything else on the market. It’s even better to know they are on hand to help us every step of the way”

Director – Rotational Moulder

Lancashire, UK


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