Universal Colour Range



“Broadway’s Universal Range provides the consistency and flexibility we need, when moulding across multiple materials. As an added bonus they are off the shelf, so there is no waiting around”


Production Manager – Injection Moulder

Essex, UK

Broadway Colours’ Universal Masterbatch brings you the ultimate in versatility and functionality, at market leading prices.

All 122 colours are formulated for a 1% let down rate, for use in a wide variety of materials, which means there is virtually no product that you cannot enhance with a splash of colour. You can be assured that:

  • All masterbatch is free from heavy metals and conforms to EN71 and AP(89)1 regulations
  • Next day deliveries often achievable for UK orders
  • Order quantities available as low as 1kg
  • Free samples are available on request for line trials

The Universal Colour Range provides the means to enhance or create a product range for the entire plastics industry.  Whether you are a designer, moulder, extruder or recycler – The Universal Colour Range gives you the ultimate solution.

Colour Shades & Strength

All pigments vary in colour, strength and opacity. The formulations used in the Universal Colour Range combine the high tinting strength of Organic Pigments, with the opacity of inorganics. The hiding powers of the formulations does differ and should be tested for use in all opaque and filled polymers prior to production.

For More Information

Information such as processing temperatures and polymer compatibility can be found in the Universal Colour Range brochure available on request. A current price list will also be sent with the brochure. We also have a set of colour plaques available, for all 199 colours.  Please either call us on the number below and speak to one of our friendly team.  Or simply complete our request information section on our website.


Download Colour Range Leaflet

For a complete list of all of the available colours in the Universal Range, download our leaflet by clicking on the link.


Download Polymer Compatibility Chart

For more information on the maximum processing temperatures (˚C) of polymers click on the link.