Additive Masterbatch


Masterbatch Additives are generally used in the plastics industry to add physical properties to the material.

A good analogy for this is when motorists use antifreeze / coolant in the car’s water system to prevent freezing and overheating. Broadway Colours are able to offer a wide variety of additives to aid processing, and to ensure that your product is the best it can be.

Now incorporating Process+ Technology ® Broadway are able to ensure your products are consistent and stand the test of time. We can tailor your masterbatch additive for exact manufacturing conditions, and for specific end use requirements. They are generally colourless, but they can sometimes affect the final colour due to their chemical composition.


Supra-Free is Broadways’ range of mould release agents. Supra-Free can also ease dispersion.


Supra-Static serves to disperse the static build up that can occur during manufacture. Also used to prevent dust build up


Supra-Solar is Broadway’s solution for UV protection in Plastics.


Supra-Guard prevents the growth of bacteria on the surface of the product.


Supra-Mark is Broadway’s range of Laser marking additives.


Supra-Sure is a detectable agent which provides security for your products, to prevent fraud and piracy.


Masterbatch Additives Brochure

For more information on our products, their uses and compatibility – Download our new comprehensive Masterbatch Additives Brochure.