Colour Trends

colour trends

To help get the creative juices flowing, Broadway Colours provide seasonal Colour Trends brochures.

Inspired from Interior Design, Fashion and Nature, the brochures each include 32 exciting colours to give your product ranges the ultimate in desirability.

All Colours depicted in our Colour Trends brochure can be produced in a wide range of materials suitable for most processing methods, which means that entire ranges can be created with ease. We can produce masterbatch or compound with various pellet sizes to suit your needs.

Broadway Colours are market leaders in Special Effects in plastics. We can incorporate any of the effects from our portfolio such as metallic, pearl and interference to give a lift to the colours. We can also include additives such a slip additive, UV protection or anti-static to aid processing and enhance your product further.

If you have any specific requirements, please complete our colour match request form, which allows you to include light source, processing temperature/requirements and any other information that is necessary for the match.


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Autumn/Winter 2017

Spring/Summer 2018

Autumn/Winter 2018

Spring/Summer 2019


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